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Mvangatini Primary School is a very small school (136 learner and 5 teachers), situated in the deep rural areas of the Mpumalanga Province, 50km away from Nelspruit.  It is one of the schools that experience the deepest impact when it comes to handling learners who come from grandparent headed families.

Due to the nature of the school the following is experienced:

  • The lowest of budget allocation from the department.
    • This makes it impossible to maintain the school buildings and infrastructure.
  • The lowest of post establishment
    • This makes it very challenging to teach as the only method that has to be used is Multi-graded style of teaching.
  • Failure on the parentsí side to contribute towards school development.
The rate of unemployment is very high and most families rely on social grants for survival. As a result parents find it very difficult to contribute as expected of them.

We depend on humanitarians like to donate towards our projects which can be made available at request.

(Efforts are being to purchase an online donation facility that will be activated soon) OR You can contact us at +27 76 861 5472 OR 
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