About us-Shaping Your Future

About us


Mvangatini Primary is a multi-graded school situated in the deep rural section of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.We are almost 13 km form KaBokweni township.Click to view the map

Our Vision

As an institution (Educators, Parents, Learners, SGB and other stake holders) we together envisage in making determined, self reliant and goal driven learners.

Our Mission

Our task is to unlock and harness learner potential abilities towards a better tomorrow through maximum utilisation of resources, partnering and outsourcing

Our values

As an institution we share the following (but not only) values


  • Honour
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Courteousness
  • Loyalty
Our Strengths
We are an organisation that comprises of a dedicated personnel. Despite the challenges of multi-graded teaching our classrooms are managable and conducive to learning and teaching. 
We consider our circuit a very lucky one to have a visionary and supportive circuit manager who always tries his level best in seeing to it that we get the support that we need.
We are having willing learners who are still having that respect for adults and not exposed to most of the undesirable elements that city kids are exposed to. The parents are also moderately supportive.
Our Weaknesses
As a multi-graded graded institution with 110 learners we are experiencing inadequate resources
  • Insufficient funding from the department
  • Inadequate educators as the post establishment is dictated by the learner-teacher ratio.
Most of the parents are semi-literate and this poses a challenge when it comes to home activities and assignments for the learners.
The school is in deep rural area where municipal services are not satisfactory.
Opportuinites for us
As the enrollment is low our learners are very easy to monitor and give them individual attention.
The demographics of the school makes it easy to attract funding (yet non notable funding has been received this far) hence the establishment of this website.
The following are our threats
There is high level of unemployment and this results to higher levels of poverty. The school does not have a reliable source of water and it relies on 5 Kl per week form the municipal tankers.
Most of our learners are staying with their grand mothers and this poses a challenge when it comes to parental involvement in helping learners with their assignments and home activities. 
How did we use our weakness to our advantage
The SGB together with the principal took an initiative of improving the way our learners are taught by introducing ICT based approach on teaching and learning.
Due to our budget (R98 000) per annum form the departments, we felt that it would be wise to start small. we decided to buy 10 tablets (the cheapest of the range) at R1 000 each. This was the beginning of things.
Through the tablets we intended to use them for edutainment by through the usage of google apps form app store. Mathematics and English was our main focus. This project received an unanticipated welcome form the learners as well as the parents.
This endeavor attracted the attention form our district official (circuit manager as they are called) and decided to recommend us to an organisation called clickfoundation. They gave as a free online course on English where grade R to 3 learners were registered for a start. They have been so supportive and even went to a length of funding us with R500 every month for data bundles.
Towards the end of the year we got considered as beneficiaries of the  MTN computer rollout programme. We recieved a donation of a full computer lab.


This was a dream come true for the school and the realization of the principal's dream, SGB and as well as the entire staff and community.